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8 - 16 June 2024 | Autotron 's-Hertogenbosch

(2023) Champion Griekspoor: ‘This win will stay with me forever’

18/06/23, 23:49

From day one, Tallon Griekspoor spoke out. Winning Libéma Open was a dream he was chasing. ‘All for the scale’, the Daily Journal headlined the tournament. As it turned out, not a word lied. On a rain-soaked final day, he managed to win against Jordan Thompson. A set deficit was reversed and after a thrilling battle, the new number one of the Netherlands fell forward on the Brabant grass.

‘In that moment you are proud of yourself and incredibly happy. I can win an ATP title anywhere, but winning an ATP title in my own country is very special,’ the brand-new champion told the press conference afterwards. The cherished dream came true. Is that reality more beautiful than the dream?

‘I travel to tournaments to play finals. I no longer travel to win a round here and there. You have bigger goals. I think reality is still a bit more beautiful than the dream. This victory will stay with me forever.’

The implications of the title are considerable. The win marks the second tournament win of the year and for the first time, Griekspoor will be in the global top30. Moreover, promise made debt. At the start of the tournament, he indicated that a final victory would be followed by a dip in the adjacent lake. On that front too, the best player of the week did not disappoint.