11 - 17 juni 2018
Autotron Rosmalen

11 - 17 juni 2018 | Autotron Rosmalen

About Open WorkSpace

Inspiration about the future of work and life

During the Ricoh Open grass tennis tournament in The Netherlands, the title sponsor Ricoh will bring professional sports and the business community together in a unique experience. Together with its partners, Ricoh will be organising the Open WorkSpace within a stone’s throw of the tennis courts. A unique working environment and experience in the former Autotron. With its modern workstations, network facilities, an expo with the latest technologies in the work sphere, speakers and knowledge sessions, it will be a source of inspiration about work and life. Now and in the future. How to regain control over what really matters by working in a different and smarter way.

Work differently, live better: how do you do that?

Technological prospects and the amount of data are growing explosively and the desire of organisations and employees to respond to this in a smart and profitable way is steadily increasing. Transforming this desire into practice often appears to be more difficult than people think. The Open WorkSpace is a unique (net)working environment where Ricoh and its partners demonstrate and allow you to experience how ‘working differently and living better’ can be embedded in your way of thinking and your organisation. How you can make maximum use of technological prospects, without losing sight of the human dimension and sustainability.

Sessions: from trends to working practice

In the Open WorkSpace, you will receive information during countless sessions about the trends and technologies that will transform your work and way of life. Enhance your knowledge with tips, facts, solutions and cases. Be inspired by top-level speakers and trend watchers Menno Lanting, Sander Duivestein, Nicky Hekster and Farid Tabarki. They will present their view of the most important technological developments and the impact they will have on our way of working, working together, thinking and living. Ricoh specialists will take you on a journey along various themes that will help you to work in a different and smarter way and, in this way, create time for what really matters: both in your work and private life. A fascinating programme offering plenty to think about and practical examples that you can discuss further with your peers at the WorkSpace.


Artist impressions of the Open WorkSpace at Ricoh Open: a work in progress.

Ricoh Open WorkSpace

The Open WorkSpace is made possible in cooperation with:

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